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683 ponds and rivers vanished in Jammu and Kashmir in just 11 years

Last Updated on April 13, 2021 at 1:14 pm

In an alarming trend that has come to the fore, at least 683 ponds, rivers and other water resources have completely vanished in Jammu and Kashmir in just 11 years.

As per an official survey by the government of J&K, there were 1248 water resources in 1998 whereas during the satellite mapping of the same in 2009, this number was reduced to just 565.

Now Lt Governor of J&K Manoj Sinha has also expressed concerns towards fast depleting water resources in the UT and has asked for an action plan regarding the same.

water harvesting in Jammu
Water harvesting pond in Reasi

Manoj Sinha expressed his concerns while reviewing the issues of Water Resources Development and Management in the UT at Jammu and Kashmir Water Resources Regulatory Authority (WRRA) complex.

The Lt Governor said that development is necessary, but it should not happen at the cost of natural resources. “I assure all the citizens of UT that no new locality or market shall be allowed to come up on water bodies. Conservation of water resources is the top priority of the UT administration”.

The Lt Governor observed that our UT is rich in water resources, but due to unplanned development and increase in population, the availability of clean water is very much in danger and hence, the management and regulation of water resources becomes more important.

Managing water should not be a concern only of the authority or administration. The public should also come forward to realize their duty by understanding the importance of each drop of water.

Observing that all water resources are not self sustainable, the Lt Governor said that rational management is necessary for better and sustainable management of our precious water resources.