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A Mughal emperor with two graves; One is located in Rajouri of Jammu

Last Updated on December 6, 2020 at 4:01 pm

Chingus Fort or Chingus Sarai is situated in a small village Chingus on a nallah on the main National Highway of Jammu –Poonch. It is located on around 154 Kilometers from main Jammu and 35 Kilometers from Rajouri.

The term ‘Chingus’ is taken from Persian which signifies intestines. Mughal Emperor Jehangir’s grave rests inside the fort, who died while in 1627 AD on his way to Kashmir.

It is said that his Queen Noor Jahan took the decision to bury Jehangir’s intestine and other abdominal parts inside the sarai in order to avoid war and make way for safe passage to Delhi. His another grave lies in Lahore, Pakistan.

Chingus Sarai is said to be one of the most important Mughal Monuments on old Mughal road built by an Iranian engineer Ali Mardan Khan on the orders of emperor Jahangir in between 1605 to 1621 AD. This location was the fifth stopping station for the royal caravans on Mughal road which was 170 miles long from Gujrat (Now in Pakistan) to Srinagar and was divided into 14 halting stations.

The Mughal Sarai Chingus monument is enclosed by natural atmosphere on the right bank of Sukhtao river in between Nowshera and Rajouri which is approximately 131 KM far from winter capital Jammu and 255 km away from summer capital Srinagar via Mughal road. C.E.

This monument is around 300 years old which had remained center of hustle bustle of royal carvans during Mughal period from 1586 to 1751 AD.

This monument contains a spacious inn with a mosque, 44 small Hujras (Residential Cells), the burial place of the entrails of Jahangir and three Dalaans. The outer walls of the Mughal Sarai Chingus monument are covered with coat of lime plaster, whose surface is divided into large shallow rectangular panels and arches.

One can reach Rajouri via road through NH-1. Rajouri is located at a distance of about 154 km from Jammu. The nearest airport from this location is at Jammu, which operates regular flights from major Indian cities. Many buses and taxis operate from Jammu to Rajouri at regular intervals throughout the whole day. Chingus Fort is located around 35 kilometers away from Rajouri.