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Accusation of J&K BJP leaders against each other opens up can of worms

Last Updated on May 8, 2021 at 4:26 pm

It started with accusation by former Member of Legislative Council (MLC) of BJP Vikram Randhawa against a senior party leader who is also minister in PMO that a can of worms opened up and several leaders of the party have accused each other of alleged corruption.

Former District President of BJP Jammu East, Ashwani Sharma alleged that some leaders in the BJP party are “corrupt” due which actual image of the party is getting degraded day by day.

In an official press release, Sharma said “Since the party has been surviving on their old workers who are always being true to their work some miscreants in the party are creating mess in the work culture of BJP”. He appealed to the central committee of BJP to intervene in the party office of Jammu.

On the other hand allegations of “corruption” against each other by BJP leaders have also started on social media. For the last two days, social media is flooded with posts exposing the honesty of BJP leaders. Instead of posting such posts from their official accounts, BJP leaders have deputed their loyalists or family members of their supporters to expose their opponents.

In one post names of many senior party leaders have been figured who own stone crushers. In this names of almost all senior leaders are figured. The name of a senior party leader, who claims to be most honest and patriotic, is also figured in running a stone crusher. It was demanded in this post that CBI inquiry should be initiated against these leaders.

Meanwhile Vikram Randhawa on Saturday demanded a CBI probe into alleged illegal mining activities and operations of the stone-crusher units near the Tawi river.

He repeated his claim that the Jammu and Kashmir government has lost huge revenue due to the “malpractices” of certain officials.