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After outrage on social media over Ladakh tourism logo, admin gives explanation

Last Updated on November 2, 2021 at 1:06 pm

After outrage on social media over the new logo for Ladakh tourism department, the administration of the Union Territory has released an explanation regarding the process involved in adopting the logo.

“In light of the feedback received on social media on the release of the Tourism Logo on 31st October 2021, it was necessary to inform the people of Ladakh about the process followed for selecting the final logo” an official spokesperson said.

“The Logo of the Department of Tourism, UT Ladakh, released on October 31st has undergone a series of selection processes through an open competition. Designs/proposals were invited through a notice issued on 29th May 2020. The date for submission of Logo designs/proposals was extended till 28th January 2021 through a notice issued on 13th January 2021 to ensure more competition and attract better designs” the spokesperson said.

Prize money of Rs. 1 lakh was also notified. Wide publicity was ensured for better participation. In response to these notices, the Tourism Department received 183 entries from various parts of the country.

The Department of Tourism constituted a committee comprising representatives and stakeholders from the concerned departments to select the Logo. The Department received 183 entries which were evaluated by the committee through a marking system. The top 30 entries were sent to LAHDC, Leh & Kargil for their inputs/marking after compiling the marks assigned by the committee members. After including the marks assigned by the LAHDC, Leh & Kargil, the final winner was selected. A transparent process was followed to choose the final Logo that was unanimously approved by the competent authority, an official statement read.