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Basic amenities lacking but Jammu University Health Centre purchasing air conditioners

Last Updated on June 24, 2024 at 11:45 am

Jammu, Jun 24 : The Chief Medical Officer (CMO) of the Jammu University has asked the JU adminstration to purchase heavy duty Air Conditioners, whereas the basic facilities like inverters and generator are not working in JU health centre since long.

Even the ECG, Ultrasound, X-ray machine are lying unutilised since many years and the JU stakeholders are suffering and had to go outside to get these tests done.

It is pertinent to mention that ACs are already installed in every section of the health centre where required.

The CMO room has two ACs, one of which is working fine.

The administration has already denied the new ACs for the health centre some time back as all the major sections already have ACs.

Earlier also, the Medical Officer of the JU has purchased the air conditioners for Physiotherapy section of health centre from Jalandhar based medical dealers. While the purchase has been made through the authorized GEM portal, it is a Jalandhar based pharmacy from whom these ACs have been purchased.

When this news was published and it was highlighted that Air Conditioner is not an essential part of physiotherapy section as most of the treatment are heat based therapy and even the multispeciality hospitals do not install ACs in their physiotherapy sections as it is contraindicated in many treatment modalities and exercises, then the JU adminstration swung into action and cancelled the purchase of ACs.

Befooling the JU administration and finance department, the CMO has once again initiated the process of purchase of ACs as Registrar as well as Finance officer are new and not aware of the previous cancellation of purchase of ACs.

In the recent past, the JU has failed to credit the salaries of employees in time. The finance department of J&K Govt. has also pulled up the JU administration time and again to use the funds judiciously.

After joining, the newly appointed Finance Officer of Jammu University has issued many orders regarding the utilisation of the funds. Various departments and sections of the University were provided with simple air-coolers and not the ACs. Even officers to the Rank of Assistant Registrars and Deputy Registrars do not have ACs in their rooms.

The sources revealed that the CMO has recommended the purchase of ACs for a female employee of the health centre, who is not even in the officer cadre and not entitled for an AC, but her husband is in the Vice-Chancellor’s office and therefore she had always been given VIP treatment.

It was also revealed that the Physiotherapy section was on ground floor so that the patients who require rehabilitation therapy after injury, fractures or orthopaedic issues can easily get their treatment done but the new physiotherapy section was built on the first floor. Many senior professors of the Jammu University objected to it but under pressure it was shifted to the first floor without keeping the convience of the patients in mind and just to please a person sitting in the VC office.