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De9to organizes talk show on dental health; Experts opine oral health is indispensable

Last Updated on December 4, 2022 at 3:45 pm

Dr. Gautam Sharma, Periodontist of the University of Jammu and Former President of the Indian Dental Association (IDA) Jammu, today spoke on the topic ‘ How dental diseases impact general health? ’, during a live talk show organised by De9to, which is an online platform of dental education.

 Dr. Gautam Sharma in his presentation told that oral health and the general health are interlinked to each other. He informed the audiences that the pathogenic and virulent bacteria which causes dental infections can transport and spread via blood to cause infections in the vital organs of the body through the process of inflammation. A common reason for occurrence of gum disease is infection due to bacteria which, if left untreated, may progress to periodontitis causing destruction of the supporting structures of a tooth. The human body respond to these bacteria by activating an immune response leading to inflammation which is a protective response against the harmful stimulus. But when this inflammation is excessive then it may cause damage to the normal body tissues.

During the interaction, Dr. Gautam stressed that periodontitis which is a disease of supporting tissues of teeth may act as a risk factor in heart problems, complications during pregnancy, dysregulated control of diabetes, Covid-19 complications, lung and kidney problems.

He advised the audiences that brushing twice daily with a soft bristle toothbrush is a basic requirement to keep good dental health. Many people brush their teeth only in the morning, but It’s mandatory to brush after the dinner. Use of dental floss can avoid interdental caries by removing the food particles present between the two teeth. Avoid eating soft, sticky and sweet food like candies, chocolates, wafers and also carbohydrate rich food like potato chips which get stick to the teeth and cause bacterial plaque formation on the surface of teeth as well as dental cavities (dental caries).

Bleeding during toothbrushing or after biting on hard surfaces like an apple, recession of gingiva, swollen gums and loosening or mobility of teeth may be the features of periodontitis. The margins of gum are red, puffy and swollen due to the adherence of a film known as plaque on the tooth surface. The film contains a lot of bacteria in its structure and if remains uncleaned changes into a hard structure called calculus which is visible as yellowish-white deposits on the tooth. In case, these symptoms are present then the patient must immediately report to a specialist doctor known as Periodontist who is an expert in treating diseases of gums and supporting tissues of teeth.

De9to which organised this live online interaction is a one-stop solution for dentists to upscale their clinic and patient base. The company has revolutionized oral healthcare by enabling consumers to find the best dentists, book instant appointments, consultations, and make better, more informed health decisions.

Dr. Gautam thanked Yash Bansal, Founder & CEO of De9to, Mohit Kapoor, Co-Founder and CFO, Dr. Pankhudi Dixit, anchor of the live interaction and marketing analyst, Dr. Saanika Bali and Dr. Jaspreet, senior dentists from De9to team, for organizing the live talk show for general public.