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Double authentication in e-offices to make govt files safer

Last Updated on October 19, 2021 at 4:23 pm

To ensure the safety of government records and files, double-factor authentication with additional security features in e-office has been introduced by the government.

Administrative Secretary, Information Technology Department, Amit Sharma said that two-factor authentication with additional security features enables the specific officials to have access to the e-office and no other can gain access to the official files or records. He added that this has been made to ensure proper secrecy of files.

He further added that no official can use the e-office of another official without the OTP and the OTP is only received by the concerned officer and no other can have access to his system without his knowledge which has made the e-office safer and more secure since the system is directly linked with NIC’s PARICHAY.

He said that they were for the first time seeing cyber security awareness month in J&K.