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International border villages receiving Pakistani Radio and telecom signals

Last Updated on January 25, 2021 at 2:56 pm

Villagers residing in the international border areas in Suchetgarh and Abdullian are complaining that while they receive signals from Pakistan’s radio stations as well as telecom companies but can’t access signals from Indian telecom companies. This is causing them problems in communicating with others.

In the last fortnight, two tunnels were detected along International Border by the Border Security Force (BSF). This has exposed the malicious intentions of Pakistan to infiltrate terrorism to Jammu and Kashmir. Pakistan’s can be aiming to enhance their influence in border areas by sending air signals from radio stations which are audible in several villages along the border. The telecom signals from Pakistan’s companies can be used by terrorists in these regions.

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A resident of Abdullian village, which is located along the Indo-Pak international border, said that in the village, mobile signals of all telecom companies are not accessible. Mobile signals of BSNL are present at some specific locations but they are very weak.

Bachan Lal, Sarpanch of the village, said that Pakistan’s telecom companies radio signals are available in the nearby villages. He said that time on his mobile phone often gets changed as the phone catches signals from Pakistan’s towers. Pakistan Standard Time is half an hour late than Indian time. Because of unavailability of telecom signals, they have to face a lot of trouble.

He further said that they have requested to interfere in the matter to many officials including Divisional Commissioner Jammu as well as former Lieutenant Governor GC Murmu. They requested them to direct telecom operators to extend signal coverage in the border villages but no significant action has been taken in this regard by now.

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Another villager said that they gave a written submission to Divisional Commissioner with signatures from two Panchayats including Abdullian and Suchetgarh for mobile signals but they did nothing to solve their problem. He added that when people across Union Territory are demanding restoration of 4G services but border villagers don’t even have access to mobile phone signals. The villagers also said that Pakistan’s radio stations can also be heard in their villages.