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J&K government takes decision on frequent mass transfers of officials

Last Updated on April 29, 2022 at 4:32 pm

The Jammu and Kashmir administration in an employee friendly step, asked all Administrative Secretaries, Head of Departments and various concerned authorities to not to indulge in mass transfers and do transfers only for  efficiency.

All the administrative secretaries, HODs have been advised not to issue any major transfers and if done it should be strictly need based. Various transfer orders were issued frequently causing a threat thus directions were posed for the same. It was further informed that transfers are done for efficiency in work and ensuring efficiency in administration but not just shifting of employees from one posting place to the other.

As per reports, this decision has been taken to end up any kind of false practice in the transfer.

Various complaints had come to fore from several departments that some of the officers were indulging in mass transfers which don’t serve any administrative purpose.

New decision will help to end up false practices and will go a long way in keeping transparency and accountability in the government offices and will also be helpful for the government officers/officials, reportedly.

The government officers/officials have also been directed by the administration to take all possible people-friendly measures and ensure that grievances of the people are not only heard but addressed.