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J&K High Court denies request of University students to hold exams online

Last Updated on February 11, 2021 at 8:20 pm

The Jammu & Kashmir High Court refused the demands of students of Kashmir University to conduct on-line examinations. Moreover, the court said that students can’t have the right to choose the mode of their examination.

2nd-year law students requested the court to order the University of Kashmir to conduct the online examination of intermediary law students of 4th semester. A Court Bench of Justice Sanjay Dhar was hearing this plea. The petitioners cited notice issued by University of Kashmir on 19th October 2020. In this notice, students have been asked to appear in the offline examination after the University opens.

Petitioners demanded that their exams should be conducted in the online mode as other Universities and other faculties of the University of Kashmir were also conducting online exams. Students said that since many law students who are enrolled in the Kashmir University and other affiliated Colleges in Kashmir belong to remote areas of Kashmir. Thus, it is not possible for these students to attend these offline examinations in this global pandemic.

The petitioners wanted the court to direct the University of Kashmir to conduct their examination for various semesters of LLB course only through online mode.

The Court said that since conducting of examination is permitted through physical mode, therefore, students cannot insist on conducting their examination through online mode. The Court didn’t find demands of the petitioners justifiable.

In the last, Court noted that the petitioners have lost their precious time and have lagged behind in their normal course of studies. So, the Court directed the University of Kashmir to solve the problem of petitioners of their delay in completion of the course.

Moreover, University of Kashmir received a direction to immediately conduct the examination of intermediary and 4th Semester law students in the ongoing month. Along with that, the University is also asked to complete the 5th-semester course of the petitioners with speed without any delay so that there is no delay in completion of the said course.