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JKPCC wastes Rs 1.88 crore over a bridge construction project in J&K

Last Updated on April 6, 2021 at 1:24 pm

Jammu and Kashmir Projects Construction Corporation Limited (JKPCC) spent over Rs 1.88 crore as it failed to stop the construction work of a bridge and related works under the sanctioned cost.

There were official directions that the project cost should not cross Rs 21.82 crore still JKPCC continued construction work and expenditure reached Rs 23.89 crore.

Jammu and Kashmir State Cabinet approved a project in 2005 of construction of a bridge over River Chenab at Meri Mendraiya to connect villages of Akhnoor Tehsil of District Jammu namely Bala, Balgarha, Barui, Noor, Gorde, Grattal, Karefal Lassu, Chakhar, Majoor Mandrian, Piyan, Rangani, Tacharwan, Tung and nearby area.

Cabinet order mentioned that Jammu and Kashmir Project Construction Corporation Limited (JKPCC) will be responsible for executing this work. The JKPCC put forward an initial offer of Rs 17.50 crore in November 2005 which was increased to Rs 22.84 crore in February 2007 because of a modification in project of replacementof a steel arch bridge to a concrete bridge. Later that year, the Government of India (GoI) under Central Road Fund (CRF) approved construction of a balanced Cantilever Pre-Stressed Concrete Bridge over river Chenab at Meri Mendraya for Rs 21.82 crore.

The JKPCC started this project of construction of the bridge in October 2008. In June 2010, it requested a revised cost offer of Rs 24.25 crore for this project against approved Rs 21.82 crore funds. Project authorities rejected this proposal in May 2011 stating that JKPCC is randomly demanding to increase approved funds. They asked the organization to submit another cost offer and include factual reasons why they need more funds.

It can be accessed through documents that JKPCC received a total amount of Rs 22.01 crore while they completed work of Rs 23.89 crore according to official records. They received Rs 1.80 crore until work was allocated in 2008 under CRF and Rs 20.21 crore till 2012. They continued work of over Rs 1.88 crore value (8.5 per cent) than sanctioned funds. JKPCC demanded extra funds of Rs 2.24 crore in November 2014 from the Project Authority for this project.

Project Authority told JKPCC in November 2014 that CRF Guidelines clearly mention that only 10 per cent of the sanctioned cost (Rs 21.82 crore) can be exceeded. So, they were required to submit item-wise/component wise details of cost escalation and justify this increase in cost. Even though over 87 months have been passed since Project Authority demanded justification, JKPCC has not been able to do this.