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Kashmiri Pandits ask government to carve out a UT for them in Kashmir

Last Updated on June 23, 2021 at 4:49 pm

Kashmiri Pandit organization Panun Kashmir has said that Article 370 and reorganising Jammu and Kashmir state into two Union Territories is a welcome measure but only a half measure. “Political division of Kashmir to create one more Union Territory north and East of River Jhelum for the rehabilitation of Hindus of Kashmir is the only way to defeat Jihad and bring peace to the region” said Panun Kashmir.

“Hindus of Kashmir are aboriginals of the valley, their identity is integral with the identity of Saraswats. They have contributed immensely to the fund human civilisation. They have been the frontline victims of Jihad. Kashmiri Hindus are determined to awaken the opinion of people of India and world at large to rise up and defeat Jihad at all levels for the peace of the mankind” Panun Kashmir said in a statement.

The organization further said that the much hyped meeting on J&K does not elicit any hope in the entire internally displaced population of Hindus of Kashmir living for three decades outside Kashmir valley in Jammu and rest of India. “We cannot ignore the hard reality that this meeting is happening in the backdrop of resumption of selective genocidal killings of Hindus living in Kashmir at present” Ajay Chrungoo, Chairman, Panun Kashmir said.

Chrungoo said that two Kashmiri Hindu Councillors have fallen to the bullets of Islamist terrorists in addition to the two Hindu businessmen who somehow were managing to live in Kashmir. “To be very clear the meeting in New Delhi is happening while sinister efforts are on to deny the genocide of Hindus of Kashmir” said Chrungoo in a statement.