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Will the Coronavirus lockdown be extended in india? Seems so

Last Updated on April 6, 2020 at 5:55 am

Most of the people in India have this question in their minds – Will the Coronavirus lockdown extend in india? The answer is probably yes in wake of increasing cases of the victims of virus across the country.

In India, by April 6, the cases of Coronavirus in India cross the 4000 mark that has forced the authorities to rethink about the 21-day lockdown that is scheduled to be lifted on April 15. In Jammu and Kashmir alone, the cases of COVD-19 reached 109 on Monday sending the authorities in a tizzy.

Coming back to the question will the lockdown be extended or not. Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday while addressing BJP workers said that the fight against Coronavirus is long and tiring. He said that the fellow countrymen should neither feel tired nor defeated in this fight against Coronavirus.

Modi stated that the lockdown was put in place at the right time and praised the efforts by health and police authorities across the nation in the fight against COVI-19. It is important to note that Modi had also stated earlier this week that the country will be brought out of the lockdown in a phased manner so that the cases do not rise again.

However it has been learnt that the authorities may extend the lockdown as the number of Coronavirus cases in India are not lowering. There was so far no need of panic as most of the patients are being identified and quarantined but what is worrying people is the duration of lockdown.

Death toll due to Coronavirus in India has reached 124 as 27 people died in a single day in different states of the country. The states that are registering high number of cases and deaths may extend the lockdown themselves while others may come out of the situation in a phased manner. Even Jammu and Kashmir has reported many cases.

So if we again ask the question will the Coronavirus lockdown extend in India, we must think about those who lost their lives in their fight against the disease. We must not let this disease win.