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Whether after lockdown trains will start? Know here

Last Updated on April 6, 2020 at 5:23 am

Most of the people are worried and thinking whether after lockdown trains will start to operate in India or not. We would like to tell that the Indian Railways is planning to restore the trains.

Railways is not only cleaning and sanitizing the trains that are docked in different parts of the country but have also made a list of routes and stoppage for trains that will be operationalized after the lockdown if over.

lakhs of people in the country travel in trains from one corner to the other. After the lockdown, all public transportation services in India have stopped as government had ordered that no one will move from one city to other to contain Coronavirus that is spreading at a fast rate in the country.

What about PNR status

Thousands of people who had booked their trains in advance for April 15 and beyond are checking their PNR status continuously. It is important that they should know that the railways was always prepared to resume their services after April 14 when the lockdown ends. The PNR status of different trains will show you the exact status of your booking and you must rely on it.

Will trains run from April 15

Indian railways has planned to run trains on different routes in the country after lockdown trains will start on April 15. These routes include from North to South, South to North, East to West and West to East. While the plans are to run limited number of trains for the initial period, most of the major cities will be covered as stoppage.

Rajdhani, Shatabdi and Duronto express trains will be resume services after 21 day lockdown. The railways also plan to start thermal screening of all passengers who will board different trains to stop the spread of Coronavirus.