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Lakhanpur Toll Plaza: Jammu is learning to use social media to target govt

Last Updated on July 27, 2020 at 3:04 pm

Jammu always had few choices, be it employment or business opportunities in the region. People of Jammu were used to the perceived discrimination meted out against them by the Kashmir centric governments and they took it in a muted way without raising their voice most of the times.

Most of the youths in Jammu were not even present on social media platform Twitter until recently when they understood that the medium to raise the voice was not only effective but even relevant than any other platform.

With the BJP taking power and Jammu becoming a UT, people thought that it would end the discrimination with the region and provide them with equal opportunities. However it seems nothings has changed.

The recent case of discrimination where another toll plaza was established at Lakhanpur by the BJP led government, shook the conscience of the people of Jammu who not only criticized the move but have also created several memes, apparently for the first time against any local issue.

First let us explain what a meme means. A meme is a video, picture or a text that is posted on social media and has an element of humour in it along with a strong message related to an actual problem or issue. Jammu used this technique to vent their anger against Lakhanpur toll plaza.

While Jammu and Kashmir has been targeting the government over suspension of 4G internet services since August 5 last year, it was Jammu that had taken up social media as a weapon against the government.

Most of the memes targeted BJP that had promised development to Jammu. Interestingly while there is only one toll plaza in Kashmir region, Jammu now has four of them.