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Locals fume as tourists take vehicle inside Pangong Lake in Ladakh

In an incident that has left locals fuming, a tourist vehicle was seen inside the much famed Pangong Lake in Ladakh.

The vehicle, an SUV can be seen stuck inside the Pangong Lake, that was at the center of the dispute between India and China recently.

Councillor from Chushul constituency Konchok Stanzin shared pictures and video of the vehicle on his social media and ridiculed the “irresponsible” behavior of the tourists.

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“Self-driven tourist spoiling the natural beauty of Pangong Lake, the wildlife Department is restricting only the local residing around the lake for their construction of road and buildings, look at this aren’t they destroying our lake? We are not here to clean your waste mind it” said Stanzin.

He also said, “Irresponsible tourists spoiling the natural beauty of Pangong Lake. We welcome responsible tourists who care about nature and its natural beauty”.

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