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Meet Aaliya Mir rescuer and conservationist of wildlife in Kashmir

Last Updated on May 19, 2022 at 3:49 pm

The importance of wildlife conservation is yet not lost on us but still there are very few people who actually make any difference when it comes to peaceful cohabitation of the planet. India has some unbelievable wildlife experts and warriors who have spent their lives rescuing wildlife kingdom and one such example comes from Srinagar.

Aaliya Mir, 41, wildlife expert helps in rescuing the dangerous wild animals like snakes, reptiles, bears, leopards in a most friendly way. She is setting an example for the world that how much of a difference one person can make. Few days earlier, she recued a snake slithering thorough a two-wheeler next to the busy civil secretariat building in Srinagar. Mir finally brought the creature out and boxed it in, to be released in the wild later and video of rescuing the reptile in most play full manner got viral on social media.

According to Mir, till now she has been in wildlife since past 15 years and has gained expertise in dealing with all kinds of wild animals. Till March she was able to rescue nearly 50 reptiles in Kashmir. She said that snakes, reptiles and other wild animals are coming out of their hidden places due to early summer. She further said that rescuing snakes is a tough jib and needs courage and art for the same. She further added that the recent incident of rescuing snake outside Civil Secretariat, for that she applied all her mind and art that she has learnt and finally succeeded in pulling the reptile without causing any harm to it. She says that her job does not merely involve catching or rescuing animals or reptiles, but also rehabilitating them.

Currently, Mir is Project Manager at Wildlife SoS that works in collaboration with the Kashmir Wildlife department. . Wildlife SOS is a conservation non-profit organisation that has been rescuing and rehabilitating wild animals since 1995, helping in biodiversity conservation.