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MHA asks JKP about the steps taken to regulate hate speech on social media

Last Updated on November 13, 2021 at 10:37 am

Hateful material on internet and social media has increased rapidly which has created a severe threat to the cyber security. Government has been facing a critical challenge to curb the hateful material, hostile narratives and fake news on social media.

Ministry of Home Affairs has asked for the details from the Jammu and Kashmir Police about the success made in utilizing this platform for countering false propaganda, intelligence gathering and detection/prevention of crimes.

In the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir, hateful speech online, false news and misuse of social media has increased rapidly. These social media platforms are imposing threat to cyber security and privacy breaches by those who are using social media for their illegal activities.

During last year’s DGPs/IGPs conference it was suggested that police and other agencies should use social media to counter hate speeches and fake news. Also, it was suggested that police should also infiltrate into social media platforms for getting advance intelligence for use in post incident investigation and during legal proceedings.

Ministry of Home Affairs has asked to the J&K police to submit details about the number of cases where hate speeches and hostile narratives were countered using social media platforms as well as number of cases where social media platforms were infiltrated by the Jammu and Kashmir Police for gathering advance intelligence, reportedly.

As per reports, information has also been sought about success made in creating and disseminating short video clips on best practices in policing among the masses through social media and community liaison meetings. Jammu and Kashmir Police has further been directed by the Ministry of Home Affairs to reveal the progress made on modernization of policing by adopting new technological tools and engagement with start-ups and private enterprises to find technological solution to the policing problems.