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Movement passes in Kashmir being fabricated

Last Updated on April 27, 2020 at 7:28 am

Jammu and Kashmir police have found at least 50 persons who had fabricated the movement passes issued for the movement during lockdown. These fabricated passes were scanned copies of the original ones issued to others by the district authorities in J&K.

State government has issued movement passes to many doctors and officials of different departments among other persons who are associated with the essential services and can move during the lockdown.

Those found with the fabricated passes have removed the names of the original person to whom the pass was issued and replaced it with their own name after scanning the pass.

In a surprise, some of the persons had also created a fake seal of the authorities concerned and put it on the fabricated pass. Deputy Commissioner of Srinagar Shahid Iqbal Choudhary had stated that the issue has come to the notice of the authorities and it will be dealt with strongly.

Passes were issued to the officials with different colors indicating their profession. Doctors have been issued red colored passes so that the police can process their identity and allow them to move ahead faster.

The issue of fabricated cards came to the light when police officials deployed to check the movement asked some persons having red colored card to produce their original identity cards which they were not able to do. These persons were not associated with the field of medicine.

Administration was now holding an inquiry as to from where these people got the government issued cards which they fabricated. Many of those who have fabricated the cards are located in Kashmir division. It has also come to the notice of the authorities that officials who have been issued pass to move from their homes to offices were roaming at other places.

Eight people have been booked at Safa Kadal area where fabricated cards were found with them.

Interestingly in a surprise check Deputy Commissioner Srinagar himself caught a man with a fabricated card on which fake signature of the DC himself were found. The man was booked.