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Muslims perform last rites of 75 year old Sikh man in Kulgam of Kashmir

Last Updated on February 25, 2021 at 4:14 pm

Setting an example of communal harmony and brotherhood, Muslims in Damhal Hanjipora area in South Kashmir’s Kulgal cremated a Sikh man.

Locals said that Surinder Singh (75), died in Pombay village of Damhal Hanjipora on Wednesday after brief illness and his last rites were performed on Thursday.

They said that soon after the news of his death spread in the area, local Muslims made special arrangements in performing last rites. “They also carried firewood for helping the family to cremate the deceased” locals said.

“Our religion teaches to help and take care of your neighbors irrespective of their religion,” Abdul Rehman Tantray, a local resident said.

Touched by the gesture of local Muslims, the slain Sikh’s son-in-law, Dahan Singh said, “We have been working in Kashmir for the past one decade. I am overwhelmed by the approach of locals. They are great human beings”.

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