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NEET-PG exam postponed for at least 4 months due to ongoing situation

Last Updated on May 3, 2021 at 4:40 pm

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the government of India has decided to postpone NEET PG examination and it will not be held before August 31. The decision was taken after Prime Minister reviewed the growing need of human resources for responding to Covid-19.

“A decision was taken to postpone NEET-PG for at least 4 months and the exam will not be held before 31 August 2021. Students will also be given atleast one month of time after the announcement of exam before it is conducted,” according to a statement by the government. This will make a large number of qualified doctors available for Covid duties.

It was also decided to allow deployment of medical interns in Covid Management duties under the supervision of their faculty, as part of the Internship rotation.

The services of final Year MBBS students can be utilized for providing services like teleconsultation and monitoring of mild Covid cases after due orientation by and under supervision of the faculty,” a statement from the PMO said. This will reduce the workload on existing doctors engaged in Covid duty and provide boost to efforts of triaging.

Among the other major decision taken by the government inludes the services of final year PG students (broad as well as super-specialities) as residents may continue to be utilized until fresh batches of PG students have joined and B.Sc./GNM Qualified Nurses may be utilized in full-time Covid nursing duties under the supervision of Senior Doctors and Nurses.