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Online education causing worry among parents of young ones in J&K

Last Updated on June 1, 2021 at 8:41 pm

Amid pandemic the online education being provided to children in Jammu and Kashmir has become a headache for both the kids and parents as well as teachers. 

Although, online learning helps educational institutions in pushing ahead the academic calendar, it has  also raised many worries among the students, teachers and health experts. Amid the Covid-19, the lives of millions of students have narrowed  to their phone screens inside their homes, since online learning has become the latest method of learning.

Online mode of education has become ineffective for the kids who haven’t even crossed 8 years of their age.

Kids are made to sit in front of the mobile phones or tablets wherein a teacher on the other end in a virtual classroom is imparting lecture to them. Irony which stands here is they haven’t even seen what the real classroom looks like. Since the times they got admissions in their schools they have been forced to sit in  front of screens for virtual learning.

A parent recently wrote on social media that sometimes, there is a snag in a microphone and therefore a kid only sees his teacher lisping some alien language and at times, there is a snag in a camera and therefore a kid only listens to the voice reverberating from a dark window. “All this is soul-destroying for our kids and for the parents. This is not education. This is a joke going on in the name of education” said the parent.

Since providing online education to toddlers, kids as old as four or six years seems to be a torture.

Also,  the health of children are at stake since many children have developed eye ailments due to being exposed in front of their mobile phones and tablets for hours together.