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Price cut of Rs 36 on commercial LPG cylinder, check effective cost

Last Updated on August 1, 2022 at 9:06 am

A 19-kg LPG cylinder’s price in Delhi has been reduced by Rs 36 with effect from today. However, prices of a 14.2 kilogramme household cooking cylinder hasn’t changed.

The price of an LPG cylinder has decreased by Rs 36 in accordance with the revised pricing announced by Indian Oil. This is the second rate cut within a time span of one month. The cost of a 19-kg cylinder was reduced by Rs 8.50 earlier on July 6. However, rates of cylinder will differ in each state due to varied taxes.

In Delhi, the cost of a 19-kg LPG cylinder was reduced by Rs 198 in July. Prior to that, the price was reduced by Rs 135 in June. A 14.2 kilogramme household cooking cylinder, however, still costs the same. On the other hand, home LPG cylinder users experienced a price increase in July. On July 6, home cooking cylinder costs increased.

Domestic LPG cylinders now cost Rs 1,053 in Delhi, an increase of Rs 50 over the previous price of Rs 1,003 per cylinder. Earlier on May 7, the cost of household cylinders increased for the first time by Rs 50 per litre. Latter,  Domestic LPG cylinder costs were again increased on May 19.