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QRTs of Army, firefighters extinguish forest fire in Doda

Last Updated on June 3, 2024 at 5:50 pm

A massive forest fire broke out in forest adjacent to NH 244 near Suigarh forest (Puldoda) within the range of one kilometer.

Two Quick Reaction Teams of Indian Army rushed to the spot at about 07:25 PM for carrying out firefighting.

Fire brigade reached at 07:35 PM and fire was completely dozed off at about 08:45 PM and no loss of life was reported.

Firefighters displayed unmatched bravery, skil and  fire control which avoided further spreading of fire in nearby areas with the help of civil water bowser.

Their rapid response and unwavering dedication averted a disaster, earning them profound admiration and gratitude. Heroic actions of Indian Army exemplified the selflessness and professionalism of our firefighting teams.