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Reconsider decision to allow Ayurveda doctors to practice dentistry: J&K Dental Council

Last Updated on January 8, 2021 at 6:31 pm

Dr. Bhupinder Singh, President, J&K Dental Council (JKDC) and Dr. Ritesh Gupta, Registrar, JKDC has shot off a letter to the President of Dental Council of India (DCI) expressing the displeasure that dentists of J&K have shown for the Post Graduate Ayurveda Education Amendment Regulation, 2020, which allows Ayurveda doctors to perform dental procedures.

Dr.Bhupinder and Dr.Ritesh in the letter no.J&KDC/03/2021 dated 05.01.21 to the DCI president has categorically wrote that “ With this act in place, a mere few months of education will allow and validate a ayurveda doctor to perform dental procedures. Their performance in dental procedure will not be more than quackery”.

Dentistry is a skilled profession which involves rigorous training and education of five years and three years more for a specialization. Emergency situations which sometimes arise during the dental treatment can not be managed by an ayurvedic doctor.

The letter also reads that a better idea would be to generate employment opportunities and appoint dentists at primary and community health centre level so that they can help imparting a quality treatment to the patients.

The signatories have requested the President, DCI , to reconsider the decision of allowing Ayurvedic doctors to practice dentistry.