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Release of funds of 25% funds under UT and district Capex Budget

Last Updated on November 3, 2021 at 5:43 pm

Finance Department has conveyed authorization to the release of further 25% funds under UT and District Capex Budget in respect of all the Departments & Districts for the works under which 50% funds stand already released, besides 100% funds including previous releases are also authorized under ‘Land Compensation, Utility Shifting, Cities & Towns (PW(R&B) Department), Mechanical Engineering

Department (MED) Kashmir/Jammu (PW(R&B) Department) and Mughal Road (PW(R&B) Department). This authorization is subject to following conditions:

1. Department will ensure that no liability shall be drawn and all works are physically on-going as on date.

2. District Statistical & Evaluation Officers (DSEOs) are advised to Physically verify the projects within one month and furnish report to the Finance Department. The works shall be completed within the timelines as per e- NIT/Work allotment orders.

3. AA/TS prior to execution for every work is in place.

4. e-Tendering and all other required provisions of GFR 2017 are duly followed.

5. The Departments shall ensure completion of those works which are targeted to be completed in FY, 2021-2022.

6. The departments shall furnish the detailed report to Finance Department at the close of FY,2021-22 about status of progress of completion of works.