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Rs 20,000 for oxygen cylinder in Jammu, cost skyrockets amid surge in demand

Last Updated on April 21, 2021 at 9:05 pm

Many chemist shops in Jammu dealing in oxygen cylinders have started asking for over Rs 20,000 for an oxygen cylinder during the time when there is a surge in demand owing to Covid-19 situation.

While most of the hospitals have started to tell the patients (Non Covid) that there was no bed and oxygen, those suffering from bronchial diseases are at the receiving end. UT government of J&K has failed to bring respite to the Covid patients let alone those suffering from other diseases.

There have been cases where asthma patients in need of oxygen reached out to private and government hospitals in Jammu. However they were told that the oxygen available was only for those suffering from Covid-19.

While there have been allegations that government hospital at Gandhi Nagar ran out of Covid testing kits, the main problem has arisen due to black marketing of oxygen cylinders in J&K. Government has so far not even formed teams to check at what cost the oxygen cylinders were being sold in the UT by private players.

During a reality check, JK Newsline found a chemist shop selling an oxygen cylinder at Rs 20,000 in Channi Himmat of Jammu.