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Service matters of Central Government and UT employees to be heard in CAT

Last Updated on May 1, 2020 at 6:57 pm

In the wake of the news reports appeared in a section of media that “GoI shifts all service matters of employees of J&K and Ladakh UTs to Chandigarh CAT”, the ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions has clarified that neither the petitioner nor the lawyer need to go to Chandigarh for filling petitioner appearing before the tribunal related to service matters of employees.

“The term Chandigarh circuit is being misinterpreted to mean that the petitioner/lawyer would have to go to Chandigarh, which is not so. All service matters of Central Government and UT employees of J&K and Ladakh will be heard and disposed off in CAT bench in J&K itself” read a statement by the ministry.

It is reiterated that earlier also, the CAT bench used to hold its sittings in Jammu & Kashmir to dispose off service matters related to Central Government employees of J&K. The only difference now is that it will also be disposing off matters related to UT employees and therefore will have more frequent sittings in UT of J&K, the statement read.

The registration of cases can also be done locally either online or in the secretariat office of CAT to be set up locally after the UT Government provides appropriate facility. Disposal of cases through CAT in UT of J&K will ensure fare and objective delivery of justice.