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Srinagar’s intelligent traffic light system misses several deadlines

Last Updated on November 29, 2021 at 12:15 pm

The much talked about Intelligent Traffic Light System in Srinagar is witnessing several delays as they are still not operative which shows how the concerned authorities are careless about the system.

 The delay in its functioning is taking a heavy toll on commuters as the problem of traffic gridlock is increasing at a high pace.

It is pertinent to mention that for ensuring smart and efficient traffic management system; this Intelligent Traffic Light System had been installed by concerned authorities at important junctions but is still not operative.

Several years have passed since the project was started and has missed several deadlines.

The officials informed that the Intelligent Traffic Signal System will have state-of-the-art features for ensuring the effective traffic management system in the capital city.

Sajad Ahmed, a commuter said that old traffic lights have been replaced by these smart traffic lights but they are non-operative. He further added that the concerned authorities should be quick to start these traffic lights as the problem of traffic jams is increasing in the city.

Srinagar administration has upgraded 10 traffic signals to Intelligent Traffic Signal System (ITSS) in Srinagar. an official informed that Intelligent Traffic Light System were installed in more than 10 locations including city centre Lal Chowk to begin with and later over three dozen locations across Srinagar were equipped with the hi-tech system in phase two.

SMC Commissioner, Athar Aamir Khan said that the work on the Intelligent Traffic Light System has been almost completed and all the systems will start working by the end of this month. He further added that the work for 50 junctions have been completed and work regarding control room will be completed by this month end.

He further informed that ninety percent of the work is complete and they are working on the configuration and calibration of this system.