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Tawi artificial lake site turns into dumping yard as authorities ignore duties

Last Updated on March 23, 2021 at 8:24 pm

As concerned authorities remain work-shy, people are dumping garbage along Tawi artificial lake project site without any fear. A large amount of construction waste material can be seen on one such site.

Tawi river

Many photographs have soared up in public domain which show more than one hundred heaps of construction debris thrown in Tawi stream site just behind the Nehru market. Since a large amount of waste material has collected on banks of the river Tawi, it can be fairly estimated that dumping of garbage and debris is being done for the last many months.

An official said that the administration has invested a large amount of funds for completion of artificial lake project. This project was scheduled to be completed a while back but many deadlines have been crossed one after another and the project is yet to conclude. Authorities have to tackle another major difficulty now in the form of garbage dumping. If lake site is turned into a dumping yard even before project is completed, then there are negligible chances that visitors will care to visit a place filled with garbage and debris.

The irrigation department has responsibility to execute this project and hold accountability for any mishappening. Sources say that this dumping of waste is going under nose of the authorities including the Police department and photographs are proof of this gross negligence.

The official said that if executing agencies fail to stop dumping of waste materials along the banks of the lake project site then it will count as a wastage of public money. The irrigation department should collaborate with Police to set up a system to prevent dumping of garbage and other waste materials along the river Tawi in future. When Chief Engineer of Irrigation Department Hamesh Manchanda was called to hear his side of story then he didn’t pick up his phone.