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This Jammu based rapper is creating waves through his latest album

Last Updated on April 23, 2021 at 9:42 am

Shayaan Bhat aka Shen B has been participating in protests since he was in Class 9. Jammu-based hip hop singer took part in a dharna with his friends asking for a drum kit from school management back then. His latest four-track debut EP album raises questions on the censorship, bullying and corruption that he experienced and asks why things have remained same.

Shen lost his mother to COVID-19 last year. He wrote the lyrics of ‘Zamaana’, one of the tracks when he was staying at the hospital for 20 days. He says that he could survive only because of music. He edited, produced, and composed the recently released music video ‘Zamaana’. His long-term creative collaborator Wikki Cole directed this music video. They filmed this video at a friend’s studio.

He wrote this song to be a nostalgic trip. Its theme revolves around his yearning to undo certain actions. He says that his song is dedicated to people who have been bullied. He believes that we must put an end to this era of exploitation and wickedness. Other tracks of EP ‘Chal Beta’ (his first track on bullying), ‘Fankaar’ and ‘Mujhe Dekh’ are also very close to his heart.

He says that people in Jammu are drawn towards administrative services. Generally, people don’t respect others if they are not from the Government sector. He raises voice for the struggling artists. He wants to make people question and think about their beliefs through his art.

His father expected him to get a government job, particularly the civil services. However, he pursued a degree in Mass Communication from Jamia Millia Islamia in Delhi according to his interests. He joined Moon Dogs band in his college and also performed at various venues.

He shifted to Jammu from Mumbai back in 2019. It is hard for him to stay positive and concentrate on music in Jammu. Metropolitan cities like Delhi or Mumbai have music culture and nightlife which is not present in Jammu. Artists do not get gigs to play here.

He wants to fulfil his dreams at every cost. He didn’t lose hope even when things were against him. When government restricted internet services in J&K for 18 months then, he had a hard time dealing with it. He kept on creating and releasing music despite every odd situation.