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To appease a faction, BJP J&K disowns farmers who supported it

Last Updated on January 15, 2021 at 2:36 pm

When national leaders of BJP are not leaving any stone unturned to win the trust of farmers across the nation, shockingly J&K unit of the party is making faces at farmers who are supporting these laws.

This shocking affair is caused by ugly infighting within the party leaders in the Union Territory and is making local leadership to oppose those farmers who have expressed their support to the farmers’ laws.

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On Monday, a sizeable number of farmers in the Marh area of Jammu district organized a massive tractor rally to express their support to three farm laws enacted by the NDA government which has caused an uproar among farmers from other parts of the nation. While farmers from other states are protesting against these laws, farmers of Marh under the leadership of former minister Sukhnandan Choudhary organized a huge rally to support these laws.

BJP J&K leadership, in place of supporting this rally organized by Sukhnandan Choudhary, has denounced these farmers in order to please a particular faction within the party. Sources informed that fighting within the party has led to BJP disowning those farmers who were supporting the Union Government when it was receiving backlash from farmers across the nation.

Farmers led an impressive tractor rally in Marh Assembly Segment on Wednesday to express their support of farm bills passed by Parliament last year. In afternoon, farmers belonging to various villages of Marh constituency reached Gajansoo in Jammu district. They held a rally throughout the whole region to gather support of the New Farm Laws.

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Former Minister, Ex MLA of Marh, Sukhnandan Choudhary led this rally. He is also the chairman of Panchayati Raj Cell of BJP for JKUT. A few hours after this rally was organized, some BJP leaders repudiated all the farmers who were present in the rally and supported the Union Government especially Prime Minister, Narendra Modi.