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Tourist Department of J&K plans to revive tourism in Kashmir

Last Updated on June 11, 2021 at 2:56 pm

Amid pandemic, the tourism industry  has been badly affected of the country. Various stakeholders related to the industry have faced the consequences of the pandemic.

Tourism sector of Jammu and Kashmir has also been hit badly because of Covid-19.  J&K is considered to be one of the great tourist spots of the country. But ongoing pandemic and imposition of lockdown created many troubles and affected the tourism sector badly.

However, not losing hopes, the tourism industry is trying to rise up again as Covid-19 cases tend to fall. But this can only survive and continue further with a massive plan. Tourism department as well as health experts believe the only way to revive tourists in Kashmir is vaccination.

Ahsan-ul-Haq Chisthi, Deputy Director in the Tourism department said that a two way plan has been developed for the safety of tourists. The first strategy includes vaccination for all those related to the tourism industry like cab drivers, bus operators, hotel staff, travel agents and many others. Second strategy which has been developed is protocol to handle tourists to make them totally safe.

As per the Tourism Department 75% of stakeholders around Dal lake including shikarawalas, houseboat owners and hotel staff have been vaccinated. Vaccination drives are being done at various other tourist spots as well.

Also Chisthi said that, Standard Operating Procedures [SOPs] have been set up for hotels to ensure proper ventilation system in hotels, new rules and regulations are being set up keeping in mind Covid-19 protocol. Also, the Tourist Department is working on guidance among hotel staff on how to deal with tourists flow.

As per reports, there is considerable enthusiasm among the tourism stakeholders towards being vaccinated.  Moreover, the RT-PCR test shall be made mandatory for all tourists coming to Kashmir.