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Unconditional love: Fragrance always remain in the hands of those who distribute roses

Last Updated on June 13, 2021 at 4:41 pm

By Supriya Sharma

“Fragrance always remain in the hands of those who distribute roses, peace remain in heart of those who distribute love”

Unconditional love means loving without any expectation. With the passage of time, we come into a phase of life where loving someone with full heart become a fearful task. Uncontrolled mind would definitely ponder on some questions like, what if our loved ones left us alone, what if he/she becomes untrustworthy and deceitful. With these constant insecurities we diminish our power of unconditional love and compassion.

Again recalling ourselves with this beautiful term, unconditional love, which changed the life of millions and capable of changing whole vision towards everything around us.

Unconditional love has the power of acceptance and this acceptance will raise the strong knots of understanding in any relationship. It’s not at all tough to practice but we have to give time and importance to our relationship more than the pity issues we indulge in our day to day life.

  “I need more Acceptance & Love when I least deserve it”

When we have the ignition of unconditional love for others, we are the first to cherish it and this creates self-love & self-care bond with our own soul. We become vibrant with empathy and compassion.

The person who believes in unconditional love have a strong aura of giving that reach to the whole universe and cosmos with an unimaginable power. These extraordinary people feel deep connected with every creature on earth.

All the relationships at any level can heal by initiating acceptance and unconditional love. According to the different researches it is seems that people excel easily in their career when they have more stable and happy relationships.

Unconditional love is an attribute of strong and powerful soul. This can increase manifolds our problem handling capacity. We start enjoying life without worries and live peacefully.

Forgiving the mistakes of others as well as done by us in the past and letting go the things make us natural givers. The givers are always much happier than the takers who might have accumulated more materialistic things in this unpredictable world. But givers are truly happy from their souls and blessed by the mighty God.

If we are loving and expecting something in return then we are doing business and not love.

“Never ignore the one who cares a lot for us. Else some day we realize that we have lost a diamond while we were too busy in collecting stones. From today lets care for our loved one.”

The author of this article is a Phd scholar in the Dept. of Zoology, University of Jammu.