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Walnut from Kishtwar, Basmati from Jammu to be promoted under district Export Plans

Last Updated on November 11, 2021 at 8:50 pm

Divisional Commissioner Jammu, Dr Raghav Langer today chaired a meeting of Deputy Commissioners, JK Trade Promotion Organization and Heads of other concerned departments to review the district export plans under District Export Hub initiative.

Pertinently, the District Export Hub initiative will form an important component of the new trade policy envisaging tapping of the potential of each district of the country to help them to emerge as export hubs.

The scheme intends to boost export potential of the districts by identifying products and developing export clusters in each district through the District Level Export Committees.

This new approach will not only de-centralize the planning process but put the local producers and manufacturers at its centre.

During the meeting, Managing Director JK Trade Promotion Organization gave a detailed presentation on the overall objectives of the scheme.

It was informed that ‘District Export Hub’ is an initiative of the Union Ministry of Commerce and Industry launched in coordination with DGFT and State and UT Governments for formulation of the Robust District Action Plan.

Div Com Jammu raghav langer holds meeting

It was further informed that the process flow requires institutional mechanisms, which include identification & recommendation of the products by the DLEPCs, Finalization of products by apex level committee, district expert action plan to be prepared by DGFT, approval of export action plans by concerned DCs at district level etc.

The DCs apprised the Divisional Commissioner that district level export promotion committee meetings have been held in the districts and they have identified various products (district specific) for promotion.

During the meeting, it was informed that  DLEPCs have finalized district wise products like in Kishtwar Rajmash, Kagzi Walnut and Tourism; Jammu R S Pura Basmati Rice, Mango, Tweed Products; Kathua      Basohli Paintings, Pashmina and Mushroom Culture; Poonch Tourism/ Adventure Sports, Nature Trail, Village Tourism, Maize, Rajmash, Walnuts, Plums and Pears; Udhampur     Pickle, Tourism, Cocoon and Garlic; Reasi Aromatic Plants and Tourism; Doda, Mundul Blanket, Patto clothing, Utensils with carving, Locally made Mustard Oil, Lavender Oil, Marigold Oil, Tagetes Oil, Cedarwood Oil, Honey, Walnut and Woolen products; Rajouri Dairy Products- Ghee, Paneer, Khoya, Rajmash, Honey, Walnut, Pecanut, Citrus fruit, Wool and wool products; Ramban Honey, Sun Dried Anardana/Dry rind, Rajmash and Walnut; Samba Bamboo, Amla etc.

The Div Com asked the DCs to prioritize three products (each district) under district Export Plans for targetted benefits.

Threadbare discussions were held on conceptualization and implementation of the strategy for developing districts as export hubs.