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Woman drug peddler detained under Public Safety Act in Kishtwar

Last Updated on June 5, 2024 at 6:26 pm

In a significant move to combat drug abuse, District Police Kishtwar have detained a notorious woman drug peddler from Kishtwar Town under PSA (PITNDPS). The lady detained is Mahfooza Begum, wife of Rameez Raja, residing in Sarkoot Kishtwar, said the police on Wednesday.

The Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Kishtwar disclosed that the detention was part of a multi-pronged strategy to address the rampant drug abuse in the area. Investigations revealed Mahfooza Begum’s involvement in numerous drug peddling cases, leading to her detention under the PSA (PITNDPS) to halt her activities and safeguard the youth of Kishtwar from falling into drug addiction.

Following the issuance of PSA orders, SSP Kishtwar constituted a special team under the supervision of Dy.SP Hqrs Kishtwar to apprehend the drug peddler. She was subsequently lodged in District Jail Bhaderwah.

SSP Kishtwar emphasized the District Police’s comprehensive strategy to tackle drug abuse, which includes organizing awareness programs across Kishtwar and taking stringent legal actions against drug peddlers. He issued a stern warning to drug syndicates, asserting that they have no place in Kishtwar and urging them to reintegrate into society or face severe repercussions.

The public is continuously urged to report any information related to the sale and consumption of drugs by contacting the helpline numbers *9906154100, 9103454100* or through the Kishtwar Police’s Facebook page and Twitter handle. The identity of informants will be kept confidential, police added.