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Women in Kashmir taking a lead role in veterinary field

Last Updated on March 22, 2022 at 1:41 pm

The female inclusion in veterinary profession has lauded success for woman and has proved to be a game changer. Veterinary profession was once considered male bastion but now many women are entering this sector. Earlier few women use to enroll for veterinary courses but with changing times more and more women are entering this field. Kashmir has also witnessed a rise in number of women choosing veterinary as a profession.

One such example comes from Ellahi Bagh of Dr. Rafia Maqbool.

Rafia said that she started in 2009 when she joined BVSC and AH in Faculty of Veterinary Sciences and Animal Husbandry SKUAST-K Shuhama after which topped the university entrance test in 2014 and joined Masters in Veterinary Microbiology and Immunology.

She informed that during her masters she worked on Ranikhet disease which led to many publications and awards at national and international conferences for her.

Further she joined the doctoral programme and was also chosen Veterinary Surgeon in Department of Sheep Husbandry Kashmir in 2019 through JKPSC.

She added that when she started this career she faced ignorance of the people about the deliverance of vet healthcare by females but gradually people have learnt that female vets are more cooperative and caring regarding animal health.

Rafia said that their patients can’t express the symptoms and pain but they have to perceive infection and non-infection nature of the disease. Treating speechless creatures gives her satisfaction. “It’s not only we save animals we save the economy of farmers,” says Rafia.

Whereas, Dr Aasima Hameed, working as a Veterinary Assistant Surgeon in SHD and currently holding charge of 2 Sheep Development Blocks- Kangan and Naranag, which include the majority of the ST population of the district.

Dr Fiza Bhat told Greater Kashmir that she is posted as Veterinary Assistant Surgeon at Sheep Husbandry Department, Ganderbal.  She said that it was a big challenge for her to work in male dominated profession now though number of women in the veterinary profession has outnumbered men, being a female vet has never been easy in this society.