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Cloudburst in Dharamshala: Are the tourists in the area safe?

Last Updated on July 12, 2021 at 1:19 pm

There are reports of cloudburst in Dharamshala that wrecked havoc in Bhagsu Nag area where several tourists were present.

However as of now there are no reports of any damage to the property and live in cloudburst in Dharamshala but the videos shared by tourists on social media platforms explain the severity of the cloudburst.

Reports suggest that some vehicles were washed away during the cloudburst in Dharamshala as water gushed down from hills where severe rain occurred. The focus point of rains were Bhagsu Nag area.

Several videos have been shared by locals as well as the authorities, including SHO Mcleodganj Vipin Chaudhary, on Twitter.

While the water in stream came down gushing, people can be heard saying ‘cloudburst in Dharamshala’ from the balconies of their hotels and other buildings.

Heavy rain has lashed the Kangra district, 58 km from Dharamshala, throwing life into disarray. The rapid pace at which the water was flowing transformed — in no time — a brook in Bhagsu Nag, which is a tourist attraction, into nothing short of a river. Some of the hotels in the area have reported heavy damage.

The cloudburst in Dharamshala has caused fear among the locals and tourists who had gone to the hills to get rid of extreme heat.