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Jewel theater in Jammu to be converted into multi-purpose shopping complex

Last Updated on November 2, 2021 at 10:13 pm

The old Jewel Hotel/Theater building situated in the centre of Jammu city, which was in dilapidated condition and lying vacant for last about two decades was today accorded permission for converting into shopping complex by Urban Transport Environment Improvement Committee (UTEIC) here at its meeting chaired by Divisional Commissioner Jammu, Dr Raghav Langer.

The promoter had proposed to put up a multipurpose shopping complex with two basements for parking and G+4 floors with retail commercial halls. Some old structures exist within the premises which the applicant has proposed to demolish.

The Committee gives permission not only for new infrastructure projects but also renovation of old and dilapidated buildings which have become eye sore for the onlookers.

Meanwhile, for ease of procedure of approval to future projects in Jammu division, the UTIEC committee also recommended its abolition as there is no provision of UTIEC in the new uniform building bylaws.

Pertinently, many memorandums had reached to Divisional Commissioner Jammu citing that UTIEC has already been dissolved in Kashmir division but the same is still existing in Jammu division without any justification and amidst complaints of delays in accords of approval of projects.

Taking the cognizance of the grievance, the Divisional Commissioner has approved for recommending the abolition of the UTEIC to the Housing and Urban Development Department.