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J&K government fails to start restoration work at architecture and heritage sites

Last Updated on April 23, 2022 at 3:54 pm

In an attempt to maintain and repair various architecture and heritage sites in Jammu and Kashmir, scheme for revival, restoration, preservation and maintenance was announced.

This scheme was announce few months but despite of that the work has not been initiated. Lackadaisical attitude of the concerned officials and lack of coordination of various departments have led to delay in execution of work.

Monuments and sites have to be preserved and protected in order to safeguard the cultural heritage. But there are many historic monuments in J&K which are in decaying condition and are fighting to exist.

For such sites and monuments government in the month of July last year got prepared Scheme for Revival, Restoration, Preservation and Maintenance of Architecture and Heritage and the same also received the approval of the Administrative Council headed by Lieutenant Governor. Scheme has been announced to identify the heritage sites which need intervention; to carry out their revival, restoration and renovation; to ensure protection and longevity of these places and to promote restoration wherever damage has occurred to these places. Even a provision of Rs 100 crore was kept in the Budget for the implementation of the scheme.

But ground reality seems to be different as work has not yet been initiated for these sites despite of availability of funds. Moreover, Detailed Project Reports have been prepared in respect of only very few heritage sites.

One of the officer in the Culture Department, which has administrative control over the Department of Archives, Archaeology and Museums told Excelsior that major portion of Rs 100 crore kept available for the implementation of the scheme could not be utilized during the last financial year.
“We have issued instructions for early preparation of Detailed Project Reports and resolution of other issues which are creating impediments in start of work on the ground”, he added.