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JMC starts ‘Plastic Lao Thaila Pao’ campaign to reduce usage of polythene in Jammu

Last Updated on March 29, 2021 at 5:02 pm

Jammu Municipal Corporation (JMC), in association with United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) started the 2nd phase of Plastic Lao Thaila Pao Campaign today at Canal Road Jammu.

The campaign was inaugurated by Avny Lavasa, Commissioner JMC.

This campaign was organized by JMC in association with “Regional and Urban Development Agency Jammu” as ongoing effort to spread awareness on the need for responsible plastic use and its disposal. A mini stall has been set up at Canal Road Jammu alike one which was there at Bahu Plaza during a month-long campaign for disseminating the message on sustainable waste management practices. 

The stall will be operative on all days from 29th March 10:30 am to 5:00 pm for 15 days initially and shall be extended further if response would be good said Commissioner JMC Avny Lavasa.

She requested residents to support this initiative of JMC by bringing pieces of plastic from home and exchange the same for Thailas (cloth bags) that are environmentally friendly. She said that our objective is to bring about behavioral change and to responsibly segregate waste at source as a first step for recycling. She further appreciated the efforts of Regional and Urban Development Agency for their initiatives across city for triggering the behavior changes among masses.

Yashpal Sharma Chairman Water and Sanitation Committee JMC also spoke on the occasion wherein he appreciated the efforts of JMC and UNDP for organizing such events for managing solid waste management. He said that everyone must come forward and become the agents of change by disseminating the message of this campaign to a wider audience.

Tina Mahajan Secretary JMC thanked all the participants for the time and asserted that such campaigns would be started at other places for desired results. She said that the initial response at Bahu Plaza has been quite encouraging and we are hopeful that the increasing awareness will eventually bring about effective and sustainable management of plastic waste in Jammu city