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Pakistan occupied Jammu and Kashmir witnesses violent protests as China builds road in the region

Last Updated on January 17, 2021 at 8:26 pm

Pakistan-occupied Jammu Kashmir (PoJK) witnessed huge protests and violence over the Chinese plan to construct a 33-kilometre road. Amjad Ayub Mirza, an exiled activist from Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) told media that China is constructing a 33-kilometre road from Yarkand to PoJK in order to move its artillery and military personnel in the region.

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Mirza said that China’s move to build a road is met by resistance from PoJK people. He expects that there will be more protests in PoJK. People have started a general strike since January 13 against the People Liberation Army’s (PLA) move to build the road in PoJK.

Mirza said that within a single month, they are witnessing a general strike twice. Earlier, only people belonging to Poonch division observed strike but this time, the strike was called by people throughout the PoJK. The whole of PoJK organised a general strike on January 13th and it was centered on Azad Pattan Bridge, which is the entry point between Pakistan and PoJK, that was blocked. Police opened fire, tear gas and lathi-charged protestors. At last, police had to return back to Pakistan.

The police check-post was burned during these protests. These protests are spreading like a wildfire throughout 750 miles Line of Control (LoC). People are angry about food shortages and lack of flour, electricity, clean drinking water. The entire system in cities has collapsed causing overflowing of filth.

Mirza said that there are protests happening every day in different parts of PoJK. Pakistani media is turning a blind eye on these protests in Gilgit Baltistan, PoJK. International media is prohibited in those areas. He said that while the elected representatives of PoJK are enjoying in Islamabad as it is very cold in Gilgit while their voters in the region are protesting to make their voices heard against Chinese invasion.

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He said that people in the region are calling the government of Farooq Haider ‘miscreants’. Pakistan has lost PoJK whatever control it had over the region. People belonging to PoJK completely despise Pakistan and there are hardly any sentiments for them.