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Khalistanis trying to spread anti-India propaganda through Simbal camp in Jammu

Last Updated on January 14, 2021 at 4:43 pm

Since Khalistani propaganda is not working well will with people on the ground, so the pro-Khalistan groups such as the Sikhs For Justice are trying to manipulate people on various platforms with the help of Pakistan’s ISI.

Simbal Camp in Jammu could be said to such a ground as the head of the Sikhs For Justice, Gurpatwant Singh Pannun announced that he would launch the voter registration for Punjab Independence Referendum 2020 from here. He had said that ardaas ceremonies from Gurudwara Chhati Patshahi in Srinagar and Gurudwara Simbal Camp in Jammu will help him in this task.

When terrorism was at a peak in Punjab, Simbal Camp was infamous for being a fertile ground for terror activities. Rajeet Singh Neeta, the founder of Khalistan Zindabad Force (KZF) also belonged to this area. Neeta now lives in Lahore and is one of India’s top 20 most wanted.

Simbal camp has housed many activities relating to the KZF. Many KZF activists have been arrested from this camp since early 2000.

Outsiders are not welcomed in the Simbal Camp. In 2015, the police removed the poster of Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale which was set-up by the Sikh Naujawan Sabha, Simbal Camp and a violent clash followed. The SNS installs such hoardings demanding the Sikhs to observe the anniversary of Operation Bluestar.

Intelligence agencies have maintained for long that the Simbal Camp houses many anti-national elements. The SJS’s decision to launch its Referrendum 2020 from the Simbal Camp its followers are present in very large numbers in the camp which is close to the border with Pakistan.

SJF actions suggest that this organization wants Sikhs to develop a separatist mindset. SJF has also an international reach and it often stages anti India protests in front of Indian embassies in the UK, US and Canada. An Intelligence Bureau official told OneIndia that the SJF is planning to organize protests in India too.

The SJF is aiming to get support from 3 lakh Sikh residents of Jammu and Kashmir with the help the residents at the Simbal Camp. The SJF is also employing Kashmiri locals and had planned violence and protests.