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No progressive steps being taken for developing industrial areas in Jammu

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In a view to attract the investors Jammu and Kashmir government had announced the allocation of a land bank of over 6,000 acres to create a modern age industrial estates but no progressive step has been taken for it.

J&K government’s effort was to build up an industry-friendly environment which can help investors in exploring, investing, creating a job opportunities and overall growth of the economy.

But as per reports, there are some lobbies in the administration that are creating hurdles in the implementation. Since this project will help in changing the economic conditions of the region as well as bring the overall development in the region so some alleged “anti-Jammu elements” are creating troubles.

In the month of August 2020, the Jammu and Kashmir’s Industries and Commerce Department had allocated a land-bank of over 6,000 acres for creating modern age industrial estates to help the business grow. The last industrial estate was established in the Ghatti area of the Kathua district.

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