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Pakistan using drones to terrorize Jammu and Kashmir

Last Updated on September 26, 2020 at 6:14 pm

With the ongoing engagements between India and China along the Line of Actual Control, the Chinese government has instructed Pakistan spy Agency ISI to send a large number of arms and ammunition into the Union territory of Jammu and Kashmir.

The Chinese government is sending all the ammunition to increase terrorist activities and to disturb the peace in the UT. India has been giving tough competition to China on the border and China’s strategy will shift India’s interest from the border to its UTs. Recently Indian Army seized ammunition in the UT of Jammu and Kashmir and most of the weapons recovered have a Chinese mark on them. 

Due to the Indian army guarding the International Border between India and Pakistan it has become difficult for the Pakistani army to send their militants and weapons in India. The ISI has been given an ultimatum by the Chinese Army to send maximum terrorists along with modern weapons in India. Since the Indo-Pak border is covered with dense trees the Pakistani government is using drones to send ammunition in India.

Recently Indian Air Force discovered a burnt drone in Punjab’s Tan Tarn area which security forces believe that the drone belongs to the Pakistani army. The air force bases in Awantipora, Jammu, Pathankot, and Hindon have been kept on alert. 

In the view of infiltration, the security forces have strengthened the security along the LoC to stop the infiltration. All the chiefs of different security forces have made a visit to the border of Jammu and Kashmir to review the situation and to give the feedback to the Central Government.

Pakistan’s strategy of sending ultras without ammunition is due to the fact that they can skip being detected by the Indian army at borders. Without weapons, terrorists can disguise themselves as common people evading arrest or getting killed at the hands of security forces. And that’s why Pakistan is now using drones to provide its terrorists with modern and heavy ammunition. 

On Monday, 4 terrorists of the Khalistan Zindabad Force were arrested by the Indian Army. The terrorist was carrying 5 Ak-47 rifles, 4 Chinese pistols, 9 HE grenades, Rs 10 lakh fake currency, 1000 rounds of ammunition, and 2 electronic receivers. Another package was seized by The Army which contains a heavy amount of Ak-47 rifles.

The Indian Intelligence agencies also believe that 8-10 Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) terrorists can also carry out suicide bomb attacks in the Air Force bases in and around Jammu and Kashmir. The agencies are working day and night to keep an eye on these terrorists and to maintain peace in the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir.

The investigation involves various agencies from across India like Punjab Police, Central Security Agencies, the Border Security Agencies, the Indian Air Force to look into the matter. 

In a recent investigation, the agencies found that Chinese drones that can carry a weight of 10 Kilograms were used to transport arms and ammunition in India. The investigation also revealed that drives have been launched from 2 kilometers inside Pakistan. The drives were made to travel a distance of 5 kilometers at a height of 2,000 feet. The drone then dropped the ammunition from a height of 1200 feet. The weapons were dropped with the help of Chinese mountaineering ropes. According to the senior Punjab Police, the delivery of ammunition took place between 9:30 p.m and 10:30 p.m when it is pitch dark. 

According to the data received by the government, Indian security forces have recovered EMEI Type 97 NSR rifles which were manufactured by the Chinese Company Norinco. These rifles have been used by Chinese soldiers and recently gifted to the Pakistani Army by the Chinese government as a part of the CPEC corporation.

The Security forces also arrested two suspects with one Chinese made EMEI Type 97 NSR rifle, four magazines with 190 rounds, one AK47 rifle with four magazines with 218 rounds, and three grenades. The suspects received all this through a package that was dropped with the help of the drone in Samba. 

With the ongoing clash between India and China, the army has decided to transport basic requirements through the drones but since the Pakistani army is using the drone to transport weapons makes it difficult for the security forces to distinguish between their drones and Pakistani drones.

This has also raised new challenges for the security forces of India. While talking to India TV Inspector General of Border Security Force (BSF), N S Jamwal said that the Army is alert and measures have been taken to meet challenges. He said that the forces are well prepared and have already failed two attempts by the Pakistani Army in the past few months.