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12379 new posts being referred to recruitment agencies in Jammu and Kashmir

Last Updated on March 3, 2022 at 6:28 pm

The Constitution of India enshrines the principle of fairness and equality in public employment as it empowers every citizen to secure employment on the basis of merit and fair play only. The Jammu and Kashmir government has launched a slew of measures to uphold the sanctity of this sacred tenet of our constitution.

In keeping with the spirit of providing level playing field to job aspirants as guaranteed in the Constitution, the Jammu and Kashmir government has embarked on a journey of ensuring transparency and accountability in appointment of candidates to various public posts. The government has made necessary amendments to the recruiting process to ensure that merit and intelligence remains the sole criteria for appointment of candidates for government jobs.

Apart from referring record number of posts to the premier recruiting agencies like JKPSC and JKSSB, the prime focus has been on ensuring transparent selections for all the referred vacancies. The recent appointment of nearly 10,000 candidates in first phase of the biggest ever recruitment campaign including around 8000 Class-IV posts by JKSSB is a prime example signifying the above reforms being carried out by the UT government.

Official figures suggested that 11,000 appointments were made in the past 18 months in J&K. Around, 20,323 additional posts were referred to SSB the recruitment for which is at different stages of completion. Many domicile certificate holders who could not apply earlier in the recruitment process in J&K will be eligible for these posts.

As part of the second phase of the recruitment campaign in Jammu and Kashmir, the government has identified 12379 posts that are being referred to recruitment agencies, a 38-page Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) report has revealed. The government of Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir is in the process of referring these vacancies to the recruitment agencies, it said.