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5 rare species found in J&K and Ladakh. Surely you don’t know about the 5th one

Last Updated on December 22, 2021 at 6:54 pm

Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh not only have a great diversity in climatic conditions but also in wildlife. There exists a rare diversity of fauna and different birds and animals found in J&K and Ladakh have been listed below.

  1. Snow leopard-

Ladakh not only provides with white capped mountains and beautiful landscapes but also has some diverse species. Snow leopard has been declared as the state animal of Ladakh and reportedly there are about 7,500 snow leopards left in the world. India has around 500 of them and Ladakh has around 200-300 of them in alone. The high altitude cold desert is the place where these leopards are found and are rarely seen. In the higher mountain ranges snow leopards preys upon bharal (blue sheep), ibex and marmots.

2. Tibetan Antelope

Tibetan Antelope is mostly seen in northern and north eastern Ladakh and are around 250-300 in Ladakh. The wools of Tibetan antelope is collected in China and sent to Kashmir to make shantoosh shawls which are one of the finest shawls. Tibetan antelope mostly feeds on forbs, grasses and often finds food in snow in winter.

3. Kashmir stag

The Hangul, also known as the Kashmir stag are one of the most iconic wildlife species of Kashmir. These can be dense riverine forests in the high altitude mountains of the Kashmir Valley as well as northern Chamba district in Himachal Pradesh. But there has been constant decline in the population of Hangul. Hangul, continues to be among the critically endangered species. In early 1900s from a population of 5,000 the Hangul’s numbers have declined to a large extent over the decades which made it confined to the 141 square kilometers of Dachigam National Park.

4. Western tragopan

Western tragopan or Jujurana, is a brightly plumed bird endemic to northwest Himalaya and are around fewer than 3,500 individuals. These are very silent and shy birds. Few of them were seen in Sud Mahadeo area of Jammu province. The western tragopan is considered the rarest of all living pheasants. In Kashmir they are called as “DaanGeer”, in Chamba, it is known as “Phulgar” and in Kullu District of Himachal Pradesh, this bird is locally called jujurana.

5. Cheer pheasant

Cheer pheasant’s habitat is Himalayas and in Jammu and Kashmir it is found in Bhadarwah and Bonjwah areas of Chenab valley, reportedly. It is the only member in the genus Catreus.  It has a long tail which has 18 feathers and the central tail feathers are much longer and are mainly brown and gray. They are found mainly above 6000 feet altitude and up to 10000 feet in summer.