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Apni Party demands restoration & hike of old age, widow pension

Last Updated on October 10, 2023 at 3:41 pm

Apni Party Provincial President Jammu and Former Minister S. Manjit Singh today demanded restoration of old age, widow and disabled persons pension and enhancement of the pension amount in favour of the pensioners.

Addressing a party meeting in Jammu, the Former Minister said that the pension has been stopped by the authorities and formalities have been increased for the pensioners putting them to face hardship.

“The old age, disabled and widow pension should be restored with minimum formalities to help the pensioners under the Govt schemes, ” he said.

He said that the authorities should minimise the formalities and restore the stopped pension in favour of the pensioners. He also demanded enhancement of the pension amount.

“If we form the next government, we are committed to enhancing the widow/oldage/disabled pension, ” he reminded.

He also raised the issue of unscheduled power cuts and irregular drinking water supply in Jammu plains even after the installation of the smart meters.

He demanded that the drinking water should be supplied on a regular basis and electricity should be provided round the clock.

“The electricity consumers are regularly paying the excessive electricity bills, but they do not get adequate supply in comparison to the charges they pay to the JPDCL,” he added.

He said that the power consumers should not be harassed and the JPDCL should be held accountable for its inability in providing electricity 24×7 to the people even after charging them extensively.