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Apni Party to contest all 5 Lok Sabha seats in Jammu & Kashmir

Last Updated on October 7, 2023 at 12:55 pm

 Apni Party Spokesman and Youth Wing State Vice President, Raqeeq Ahmed Khan today said that the Apni Party will field candidates on all five Parliamentary seats in Jammu and Kashmir and there will be no alliance with any political party in the upcoming Parliamentary elections. 

In a statement issued here, Khan said that the Apni Party has decided that it would field five candidates in all the Parliamentary seats in J&K without going into alliance with any other the political parties. 

“The traditional political parties have lost their ground and they are responsible for the suffering of the people. The erstwhile state has passed through difficult times in the last thirty years because of the mis- governance of these political parties, ” he said. 

He said that the people have got an opportunity to elect their MP for the Lok Sabha and therefore, the Apni Party has decided to contest the Parliamentary elections alone because people accept our menifesto in all the districts and regions of Jammu and Kashmir. 

He said that the Apni Party is committed to provide 500 units of free electricity in Jammu during summers and during winters in Kashmir valley. 

He also said that they would enhance the old age and widow pension, will provide equal opportunity to women and make sure equitable development. 

He also demanded statehood in Jammu and Kashmir. 

Referring to the allegations of NC President Farooq Abdullah, he responded that NC Vice President Omar Abdullah was the Union Minister in the year 1999 in the BJP led Central Govt. 

“NC is satisfied alliance of BJP that changes as per the suitably situation, ” he said while making it clear that the NC leadership is frustrated because of its shaking ground in Kashmir Valley and Jammu region. 

In Jammu, he said that the BJP fears that it may lose elections because of its anti-people policy.