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Authorities take several steps to fight against drug abuse in Srinagar

Last Updated on December 14, 2021 at 5:13 pm

Rate of drug addiction in Kashmir is on rise, thus Additional Deputy Commissioner Srinagar Syed Hanief Balkhi said that authorities are taking strict action against drug menace.

Several steps are being taken in an attempt to make Srinagar district drug addiction-free saying cooperation of people is imperative to achieve the objective.

Drug abuse or substance abuse is the use of illegal drugs or the use of prescription drugs for purposes other than those for which they are meant to be used.

Balkhi informed that steps also include provision for screening, assessment and counseling and treatment cum rehabilitation for drug dependents. Balkhi further added that concerned officials of district have encouraged religious and social leaders to work in this direction. He added that district administration has initiated an awareness campaign against drug abuse and trafficking with the help of religious leaders.

In order to curb the drug menace various steps such as awareness generation programmes, identification of drug-dependent persons, focus on treatment facilities and capacity-building for service-providers have been initiated.

Balkhi further said that he is very disappointed on the rising issue of drug addiction and had received complaints that some acute drug addicts beat their family members for money and they resort and start stealing money, commit theft and get involved in other criminal activities.

He further added that everyone should come forward to help the government to eradicate this menace and make the Srinagar addiction-free and added that suggestions and feedback are always welcomed.